Laloni Smith

Instructional Services Division

Instructor III, Basic Communications


Laloni Smith is currently an Instructor and Coordinator at GPSTC. She previously was the Training Coordinator for Henry County E911 which provided 911 and dispatch communications for all public safety departments within its borders. She is a POST general instructor, CIT certified, APCO Communications Training Officer Instructor, CPR Instructor, EMD EDQ and has been finishing her degree of bachelors in Inter-disciplinary with a concentration in psychology.  She has extensive experience in hiring, on-board training, continuing education and position advancement training,  policy and procedure writing and leadership roles. She is passionate about 911 and its role in the community often acting as a representative to schools and other community organizations. Laloni has become dedicated to the need of emotional wellness awareness of not only public safety responders but also the true 1st responders, 911 dispatchers and call takers.