Alisha M. Carmichael

Instructional Services Division

Learning Development Technologist, Curriculum Development

B.A., New Media and Communications


In 2011, Carmichael joined the staff of the Georgia Public Safety Training Center (GPSTC) while still in high school. In this position, she was a paid intern working in the Instructional Services Division as well as helping with the Student Services Division. Upon completing high school, she was hired as a part-time employee at the GPSTC.

While in school pursuing her Bachelor of Arts degree in New Media and Communications, she was promoted and became a full-time employee as the Learning Development Technologist in 2017.

In her current position, Carmichael is a part of the Curriculum Development team. She also films training videos and shoots training photos around campus as well as edits training videos for our courses. Recently, she helped create the “Start the Conversation” documentary discussing public safety stress, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, line of duty deaths, suicide, and best practices for public safety agencies. She has also worked on a Public Service Announcement project about responsible teen driving where the consequences of drinking and driving are focused on.